Puck (puckinator) wrote,

a pig valve? in a human?

how many fucking doctor shows does tv need? this is ridiculous.

saw avatar. thought it was pretty bomb. those blue chicks are pretty hot, even if their tits are pretty small.

Rebecca came into my room last night and asked me to help her with her homework. it was some sort of spelling worksheet and there were pictures of things and she had to write what it was, spelling the words right. they were all animals. she brought it back today and yelled at me because i spelled leopard and alligator wrong. both times, she asked me if i was sure and i said yes. i can't spell as good as a second grader. what the fuck. maybe i should just swallow my pride and take this tutoring thing seriously. at least it's hummel who's supposed to help me. he probably wont look down on me as much as anyone else would which means that i don't get in trouble for punching my tutor in the face.

santana is supposed to call me tonight.

i havent talked to finn or quinn. i want to get in contact with her but i said that i wouldnt and i dont think that she believes that i wont so... at least this is one way to prove that i'm trying to stick to my word. i just really hope that she comes back and tells me that this isnt what she wants. and i feel like a doofus with finn. i dont even know what happened to me the last time i talked to him but i literally begged him to take care of my baby for me and he wouldn't say yes and that's just fucking embarrassing. i dont know.

i dont know what i want anymore. i dont know how to feel anymore. maybe kurt was right and i should just stay away from chicks all together for a while. but i'm supposed to hook up with rachelle and that's fucking tempting. how would that look to santana and quinn though?

i miss football. now all i have to do after school is tutoring one day a week. what am i supposed to do? homework? yeah right.

so are we still friends or whatever? or were we only ever friends because of other people that we were both connected to? what im saying, i guess, is that i think you're cool and i'd like to stay friends with you. that and i dont want to be that guy that like takes someones v-card and then peaces out, you know?
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