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so uh... where's the rest of my presents from everyone? i thought we were friends.

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12 31 09(no subject)
my smile is damn sexy
im rly fuckin pissed that none thought to order chineze food for the party. cauze i want some

and im glad that cahng has a comp in his house thaDT I can use 2 exspress this. feelin. thing. emotion.

can someine just plz go get some rangoons and dumplinsand bring them 2 me?
12 28 09 - me + u
my smile is damn sexy

i'm singing this at Regionals. i dont care what any of you say.

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hope everyone who celebrates christmas had a nice one. be sure you all get plenty of rest and prepare your body for a beating on new years. its gonna be wild.

favorite present, anyone?

mine's an OSU sweatshirt with my name printed on the back. someone amazing gave it to me.

oh and hallmark movies are probably the stupidest things i've ever seen. thank god christmas is over and i dont have to subject myself to them anymore.

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i like

Just sayin.

ETA: do you ever notice how drinks are gone so fucking fast? like one second youre just drinking it and then theres nothing left and you cant fucking remember when you drank it all but you know that you did and because you did, you have to get up and get another one?

that pisses me off so much.

12 20 09 - first
open question to anyone who's female.
if some guy cheated on you but then wrote a song about it and became famous or something and that song was on the radio would you forgive him? is that enough? i mean, i'd think that shit was pretty sincere if it got put on the radio but i'm a dude so.

or is it just because those dudes became famous that their girlfriend's forgive them?

or maybe all the r n b and rapper guys only date famewhores and thats why they always get forgiven once their songs are on the radio.

seriously this has been bugging me.

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