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sometimes Noah
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03 14 10(no subject)
pained but maybe just singing
fuck mono. this shit is ridiculous. ive probably been awake for like 4 hours in the past fucking week. seriously. a week. only good part of it is that i dont have to go to school and they cant fucking say shit about it because i could like die or some shit. or at least give everyone else mono. how fucking funny would that be.

im sure im not missing much right?

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what the shit is this curling shit? i dont even get what the point of winter olympics is. there's no bathing suits. no short shorts. no skin AT ALL to even flaunt during your sport. it's just a bunch of covered up chicks playing in the snow.

ice skating is the only change of any real enjoyment and it's not like i can just sit around watching ice skating all day. i'm a dude. dudes dont watch ice skating.

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the saints are gonna take this shit. its epic, a long time coming.

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01 31 10(no subject)
dude, lady gaga is hot as hell. what the fuck.
01 30 10(no subject)
angry football
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my sister woke me up this morning with her fucking gaga cd playing through the fucking wall. how many times can someone listen to one song about rad bromances?

who wants to come over and make me some eggs and pancakes?
01 19 10(no subject)
football playa
i took my mini-puck on his first ever burn ride today. needless to say, it was a success. he's coming along just fine. kid fucking worships me and keeps calling me sir. it's awesome. my legacy will never die.

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rachel's just always there, my brain hurts
how many fucking doctor shows does tv need? this is ridiculous.

saw avatar. thought it was pretty bomb. those blue chicks are pretty hot, even if their tits are pretty small.

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