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just another day.

++Mr. Schue++
i'm quitting glee. i have a lot going on and i cant be there right now. im sorry but that's my decision.

prayformeeee (11:00:33 PM): i want you both. a lot. and even if i want to be with you my feelings for finn aren't going away. and if i choose him over you again, don't tell me you'll be cool with it. i am trying to prevent that from happening. i'm not even letting myself be put in that situation, okay? that's why i have to do this alone.

bbbeyonceboy (11:14:51 PM): you're the baby daddy. She's looking for a father.
bbbeyonceboy (11:14:56 PM): and apparently you're not it.

bbbeyonceboy (11:26:17 PM): you've tried to win her over. You've done things that Finn hasn't tried and you obviously still care about her and you definitely care about that baby. You should be her first pick right now, as all evidence shows.
bbbeyonceboy (11:26:26 PM): but as Quinn sees it, that's where you lie.
bbbeyonceboy (11:26:34 PM): and how she sees it is how it is.
bbbeyonceboy (11:26:41 PM): no matter how hard you try.

Santana: I. I loved you so much, Noah.
Puck: I know. And I've never felt that before which is why I didn't tell you right away. I fucked it up, it's my fault, so I'm only mad at myself but what's done is done and if I could take it back, I would. You have no idea how it feels to know that I did this to myself. This time, I don't have anyone else to blame. So, I'm probably just gonna go because while I deserve all the yelling and swearing that you should be doing, I don't think that I'll be able to handle it without making more of an ass out of myself.
Santana: You probably should. And so we're clear-- it's over. And maybe you should just. Cut the heart out of the sweatshirt because I don't know if I want it there anymore.

i'm done. i can't take it anymore.
Tags: emo, heartbreak, mr. schue, private
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