Puck (puckinator) wrote,

i took my mini-puck on his first ever burn ride today. needless to say, it was a success. he's coming along just fine. kid fucking worships me and keeps calling me sir. it's awesome. my legacy will never die.

so idk what's going on with quinn. or santana. but i think i'm friends with hummel? and B and i are friends but sometimes more than friends? meaning that we definitely hooked up in her room. and i definitely think that i'm gonna go after rachelle again, for real this time. me being nice and less jerk-ish definitely didnt work so right now, i'm just saying fuck it. i'm gonna be me because kurt said something about how if my galaxy changes, all of the planets orbiting me will shift too and like change course or something.

tutoring after school day. i actually did read the story i was supposed to.

i walked past the music room after detention yesterday and saw glee club. they obviously don't need me, everyone looked like they were having a good time. but i fucking miss it. not that i'll admit that. it's easier for me to be away from all of them. but none of those bitches can manage the sex appeal that i give out. except maybe santana but she's fucking nuts lately so probably not even her.

i fucking miss santana too. idk what's going on with us. i think that we were having a sort of normal conversation but i can never tell.
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