Puck (puckinator) wrote,

fuck mono. this shit is ridiculous. ive probably been awake for like 4 hours in the past fucking week. seriously. a week. only good part of it is that i dont have to go to school and they cant fucking say shit about it because i could like die or some shit. or at least give everyone else mono. how fucking funny would that be.

im sure im not missing much right?

thanks for the shit you sent. i didnt even open it until this morning because i never fucking woke up until then. its great although i dont think i'll be using the nyquil anytime soon. i dont have a fucking cold and i dont have any trouble sleeping but the thought is nice.

dont threaten me, you getting mono would be fucking sweet. we could have sex without worrying about getting anyone else sick. i could go for a blowjob right about now.

hey how have you been? i miss you but i cant see you. dont forget about me and make sure you're taking care of my baby.
Tags: missing school forever wuuuut, mono, quinn, santana
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